Found a good blog about RoHS!

I did some searching on Google for “blog” and “RoHS”, and quite honestly, didn’t find a whole lot. There were a lot of hits, many of which did got to blogs, but it seemed like most of the blog entries just mentioned that RoHS existed or said that it was great (if it was a green / environmental blog) or said that it will be difficult to comply with (if it was a technical blog).

However, one exception is Dr. Lasky’s blog, where he talks quite a bit about RoHS. And judging from what he’s posting, it sounds like he’s actually trying to track information down about how to comply with RoHS, etc.

So, here is the address: I will have to start checking that on a regular basis.

His May 15th, 2005 post about the miracle of soldering was very interesting. His analogy of all solders as carriers for tin (Sn) is something I hadn’t thought of before.

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